Friday, 11 December 2009


A big welcome to you Jackie- thanks for coming to see my blog. I read your post and it would be great if you could join in the Hamper challenge. You can read all about it in the forum at DSP (you would have to become a DSP member, but it is free to join and there is loads going on there). The Hamper will be filled with goodies from participants and the items do not need to be digital. It could be something simple like a typed document of a recipe. The hamper will go to all who take part. Hope to see you playing along.

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Jackie said...

Well thank you very much ! I don't have any ideas for the hamper , otherwise I would. I did join DSP though. It is really nice of you to welcome me in this way , it's very special. I have to confess , I saw your post yesterday but I was a little overwhelmed and I didn't know what to say but I thought I would come back another time, like today, to acknowledge that I at least read it, and saw this post . Anyway I hope you have a very wonderful Christmas!