Monday, 4 January 2010


Hi Beth- welcome to my blog:)

A new challenge has started at Sunday Scrappers. It is something a bit different as it has an educational purpose and involves scrapping about your local area. Lisa, my co-host at Sunday Scrappers chat, has set this one up. It will be exciting to see contributions from around the world. Read all about it HERE. Oh yes, and there is a pretty, wintery page kit as a posting bonus, kindly donated by Shana.
I'm not sure yet what my contribution will be, but as I live by the "Jurassic Coast, World Heritage Site" I think I shall have to include a dinosaur or two.


Lisa said...

TeeHee! Hadn't thought of putting the challenge on my blog! May need to do that tomorrow!

Tora said...

I think this challenge is awesome even though I really have to have my DD come up with stuff to use :)

Isabella said...

Thanks for posting this Jill! Deadline is today but maybe I'll still get a layout done, great challenge!