Thursday, 1 April 2010


Hi Chele, welcome to my blog. I haven't done much for a while- life has caught up with me, but i hope to add some more freebies soon.


Dealing Daily said...

I love your photos. Don't know that I will ever get out of the good ole' USA but I love looking at the photos and dreaming.

I had a question,you made some striped papers for the designers course at Hummie's they're great. My question is how did you get them shiny like wrapping paper? Is that a style or overlay or what? I want to be able to do that to my papers. I use PSE 8. Thanks,

Dina aka Memphisfran @ Hummie's

Greenfingers said...

Hi Dina. I'm glad you like my striped papers. Just to check, did you mean these:
These rolls which look like wraping paper are easy to do. I use PSP too.
I wrote a simple tutorial on my blog as a couple of others had asked for instructions. If you look at the "Labels" list on the left of the blog, you will see there is 1 tutorial. I hope that is what you are looking for, but let me know if you want any help.
Cheers Jill