Tuesday, 20 October 2009

1066 and all that!

Hi Roberta, Lisa and Antoinette. Thanks for coming to my blog.

We went to Sussex for the weekend and visited the town of Battle. 1066 is the one date which all English children seem to remember. Prince William of Normandy came across the Channel to defeat King Harold II to claim the English crown as his own. Soon after, he built an Abbey on top of Senlac Hill where the battle had been fought. We walked around the fields with hand-held audio recordings and learnt exactly what happened where. The abbey itself was very atmospheric.

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knittinjen said...

Oh, WOW! People like me in America who are likely not to ever leave America, we NEVER see stuff like this!! I read about it, but WOW. To be able to visit!! And take such great pix!!! WOW! Awesome!