Friday, 23 October 2009


Today I gathered the last of the runner beans from the garden, then sat in the sun. Lots of insects were buzzing around and they started landing on the warm brick wall of our house. They were harlequin ladybirds and I think they were looking for a cosy spot to hibernate. These ladybirds are not native to the UK and are a threat to our native species, but they are attractive none-the-less. I took these photos of their varied forms earlier this year.


Fulltime RVer said...

They really are pretty!

knittinjen said...

Cool - these look like professional photos! Then again, all yours do,! PS - I love the background you have chosen for your blog - it's perfect for the stuff you have been posting on it.

NancyP said...

Ohhh, I am constantly battling those things here in Michigan!!! At first I thought they were different colored ladybugs, but then my daughter told me they are NOT nice bugs!!! And they bite!!! They destroy a lot of our foliage here. They are not native to the United States and I can't help wonder where they came from!!!
But I must say, those photos are awesome!!!